Pathway of Training

Learn about the levels of social meditation training available through Buddhist Geeks.

By Vince Fakhoury Horn, Lead Teacher of Social Meditation

Social Meditation is a path of practice within Buddhist Geeks. That means that you're invited to go as deep as you like with this approach, learning how to practice & facilitate an evolving array of intersubjective meditation practices. Below, you'll find a table laying out several distinct training levels that have emerged thus far in the Buddhist Geeks approach to Social Meditation, along with what each stage of training unlocks within the Buddhist Geeks Practice Ecosystem. Scroll further down to see an in-depth description of each training level.

Buddhist Geeks Training Levels



Invited to...

Sangha Member

When you join the Buddhist Geeks Practice Ecosystem

  • Join any social practice sessions offered on the Buddhist Geeks Network.

Basic Facilitator

A few weeks into your first Social Meditation Facilitator Training.

Intermediate Facilitator

After you've completed a 6-month Social Meditation Facilitator Training (or the equivalent).

Advanced Facilitator

After completing 2, 6-month Social Meditation Facilitator Trainings (or the equivalent).

Assistant Teacher

Upon starting a 2-year Buddhist Geeks Meditation Teacher Training.

  • Can be invited to assist a Buddhist Geeks Training or Retreat.


Upon completing the 2-year Buddhist Geeks Teacher Training program.

  • Submit new original techniques to the Social Meditation Guide.

  • Be invited to teach a Buddhist Geeks Training or Retreat.

Practice Lead

While filling the role of Practice Lead.

  • Appoint Training Leads.

  • Evolve the facilitation protocols used within the Buddhist Geeks Sangha.

  • Develop the Buddhist Geeks Pathway of Training.

Sangha Member

As a Sangha Member you're welcome to join any social meditation practice offered by a facilitator or teacher in any part of the Buddhist Geeks Practice Ecosystem that you're participating in.

Because you are always welcome to the take the role of The Witness, in Social Meditation, it means you can even join in on complex techniques right away, by witnessing them first. This provides a more direct way of getting to know what this practice is about, by jumping in and surfing. If you'd prefer to "know what you're getting into" before joining a live practice event, you can familiarize yourself with the basics of whatever technique you're considering doing here on the Social Meditation Guide.

Finally, if you'd like to do a more progressive learning path, we'd recommend starting with Beginning & Basic practices, and then gradually moving on to Intermediate, and then Advanced techniques as you feel ready. Jump into a Social Meditation Training, and work with Basic & Intermediate Techniques alongside a Social Meditation Teacher and peers.

Beginning Facilitator

Once you have started your first Social Meditation Training, you will be invited to become a Basic Facilitator. True to its name, Basic Facilitators can facilitate any technique listed under the Basic Techniques section of this Social Meditation Guide, wherever they're offered in the Buddhist Geeks Sangha. All Basic Facilitators are invited to join the Social Meditation Lab–a private group where facilitators can connect & share resources, and where Advanced Facilitators & Teachers can get feedback on new social meditation techniques they're crafting.

Intermediate Facilitator

Once you've successfully completed 6 months of Social Meditation Facilitator Training, you are invited to become an Intermediate Facilitator within the Buddhist Geeks Sangha. Intermediate Facilitators can facilitate any of the Basic or Intermediate Techniques listed in the Social Meditation Guide. Intermediate Facilitators can also become Practice Leaders, who take ownership for a daily practice session, happening within the Buddhist Geeks Sangha. They're also invited to join Social Meditation Facilitator Training: Level 2, a training dedicated to exploring advanced Social Meditation practice.

Advanced Facilitator

Anyone who completes a total of 20-weeks, or 6 months, of Social Meditation Training: Level 2 is invited to become an Advanced Facilitator within the Buddhist Geeks Sangha. Advanced Facilitators can do anything that the previous facilitation levels can do, plus they can facilitate ANY & ALL practices listed in the Social Meditation Guide. Advanced Facilitators are also encouraged to develop & test their own social meditation techniques, and are invited to share any new practices they're working on in the Social Meditation Lab.

Assistant Teacher

There is yet-another level of training that's possible for Social Meditation Facilitators, through our Buddhist Geeks Teacher Training. This is an invite-only teacher training program–people with exceptional talent and dedication are invited to participate–that runs for 2 years. Social Meditation is one of the core dimensions of this training, and acts as a kind of specialization that Teachers can choose to focus on.

After entering the Buddhist Geeks Meditation Teacher Training, and completing the training levels above, you are eligible to become an Assistant Teacher. The focus of this training is on learning how to best help others learn to practice & facilitate these methods.


This final level of training is about becoming a core contributor to the development of Social Meditation. Anyone who completes 2 years of Buddhist Geeks Meditation Teacher Training is invited to create, test, & submit new social meditation techniques to the Social Meditation Guide–our collective cannon of social practices.

At this level of training one can also be invited to teach Social Meditation Trainings & Retreats through Buddhist Geeks.

Practice Lead

The final level of training is filled by a single individual, who holds the Practice Lead role within the Buddhist Geeks Holacracy. The person filling this role is responsible for the evolution and development of the Buddhist Geeks approach. The role is currently filled by Vince Fakhoury Horn.