Social Meditation Training Levels

Learn about the 4 levels of social meditation training, available through Buddhist Geeks.

By Vince Fakhoury Horn

Social Meditation is a path of practice within Buddhist Geeks. That means that you're invited to go as deep as you're able in this approach, learning how to practice & facilitate an evolving array of interpersonal meditation practices. What we'd like to introduce below, are four distinct training levels that have emerged thus far in the Buddhist Geeks approach to Social Meditation, along with the different levels of authorization that accompany the completion of these training levels.

1. Level I Facilitator

This first level of facilitation training–Social Meditation I–involves learning how to practice both basic & intermediate techniques, with a focus on learning to facilitate basic techniques.

  • After completing (1) 10-week cycle of Social Meditation: Level I Training, you will be invited to host basic social meditation techniques within the Buddhist Geeks Sangha. You will also be invited into the permanent Social Meditation Facilitator Group in our Mighty Network, where you can also get direct access to other trained facilitators, and to live Social Meditation Lab events, where Teachers are trialing new practices, and looking for feedback.

  • After completing (2) 10-week cycles of Social Meditation: Level I Training, you will be invited to attend the Social Meditation: Level II Training.

2. Level II Facilitator

This second level of training–Social Meditation II–involves learning to practice both intermediate & advanced techniques, with a focus on facilitating intermediate techniques.

  • After completing (1) 10-week cycle of Social Meditation II Training, you will be invited to host both basic & intermediate social meditation techniques in the Buddhist Geeks Sangha. All facilitators who accept, will receive a pro zoom account from Buddhist Geeks, so that they can utilize the breakout room feature in Zoom, enabling them to host other previously unavailable basic techniques, as well as the new intermediate techniques.

  • After completing (2) 10-week cycles of Social Meditation II Training, and at least (1) Social Meditation Retreat with Buddhist Geeks, you will be publicly acknowledged as a Buddhist Geeks-trained Social Meditation Facilitator.

NOTE: The first Social Meditation: Level II Training will be offered in Q4 of 2020. It will be open to anyone who has completed at least 6 months, or (2) 10-week cycles, of Social Meditation: Level I Training with Buddhist Geeks, which also includes the 6-month Social Noting Training.

3. Assistant Teacher

There is yet-another level of training that's possible for Social Meditation Facilitators, through our Buddhist Geeks Teacher Training. This is an invite-only teacher training program– only people with exceptional talent and dedication are invited to participate–that runs for 2 years. Social Meditation is one of the core dimensions of this training, and kind of acts as a type of specialization that Teachers can choose to focus on.

  • After entering the 2-year Buddhist Geeks Teacher Training, and completing the two levels of training above, you are eligible to become a Social Meditation Assistant Teacher. Assistant teachers work directly with a Buddhist Geeks Teacher who is leading a Social Meditation Training or Retreat. The focus of this training is on learning how to best help others learn to practice & facilitate these methods.

  • Assistant teachers are also encouraged to develop & test their own social meditation techniques, and are invited to share the new practices they're working on in the Social Meditation Lab.

4. Core Contributor

This final level of training is about becoming a fully fledged peer in the development of Social Meditation.

  • After completing the 2-year teacher training, and all of the previous levels of training mentioned, you will be invited to become a Core Contributor of Social Meditation. Core contributors can create, test, & submit new social meditation techniques to the Social Meditation Guide–our collective cannon of social practices.

  • After becoming a core contributor one is invited to teach the Social Meditation I or Social Meditation II Trainings through Buddhist Geeks. One can also be invited to co-teach a virtual Social Meditation style Retreat through Buddhist Geeks.