May it Arise

In this Social Metta practice we'll be inviting a one, or many, heartful states to arise.

Vince & Emily's Instructions:

In this Social Metta practice, we'll be inviting A HEARTFUL STATE OR STATES to arise. To do this, simply say "May [INSERT YOUR HEARTFUL STATE(S) HERE] Arise", or more simply "[INSERT YOUR HEARTFUL STATE(S)]". Example: "May Joy Arise," "May Love Arise," "May Peace Arise," "May Freedom Arise," "May Big Mind Arise," "May Great Compassion Arise", etc.

Facilitator Instructions:

May ______ Arise

Pick One: Heartful State, Multiple Choice: Heartful States, Succession: Heartful States, Looping: Heartful States, Fixed Category: Heartful States

1-2 Words

Sequential or Spontaneous (in special cases)

2+ players

X minutes

Additional Notes:

  • This practice is usually best done in a sequential order, since the sentence stem can get quite long. That said, if you're working with a quality that is only one syllable long (ex: Joy, Love, or Peace) we've found that it works just fine to do these in a spontaneous order.

  • It's also fine to say, "May it Arise," in either a sequential or spontaneous order.

  • It's also easy to parlay this practice into the Pith Metta practice, if you want to play with a different group size or find another way to introduce a spontaneous order to a longer sentence stem.

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