Noting is Like This

A technique which marries together moment-to-moment mindfulness with reflexive awareness.

Basic Instructions: Note what you're sensing now and then add "is like this". Example: "Seeing is like this", "Wondering is like this", "Feeling is like this", "Thinking is like this."

Created by Vince Fakhoury Horn

Advanced Points of Practice

  • If you are noting multiple objects at once, it could be noted as such: "Seeing and thinking are like this." The singular, "is like this" becomes the plural, "are like this."

  • This is a way of practicing Social Noting that modifies How we note. What we note, can vary with this technique, such that you could do things like, "Freestyle Noting is Like This" or "Six Sense Noting is Like This" or "Essence Noting is Like This". To learn more see: The How, What, & When of Noting.