Social Mindcraft

Social Mindcraft is a multiplayer world-building game.

"Let's play a game. Let's call it Mindcraft. It's a building game. You are the builder. It's a world-building game. You are building a world. Start with a blank slate. You can build any kind of world you want. The rules are simple: To add something to your world, say "I will allow (insert whatever you'd like to add here)" If, for example, you'd like to add happiness to the world you are building, say, "I will allow happiness." If you want to add sound, say, "I will allow sound." To add seeing, just say, "I will allow seeing." Or "I will allow sensation." Or "I will allow curiosity." Or "I will allow tension." It's your world. Build it as you will. May you enjoy the game."

Vince Horn's Additional Instructions:

"Social Mindcraft is a multiplayer world-building game. It invites us to take a God's eye view together."

Facilitator Instructions:

I will allow ______

1–3 Words

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