Zen Noting
Becoming one with what we want to notice as.

Core Instructions:

As ______, ______
Compression (1st Blank):
1-2 Words
Options (2nd Blank):
Compression (2nd Blank):
1-2 Words or 1-2 Breaths
2+ players
X minutes

Additional Notes:

  • Zen Noting is an example of a practice that has two different blanks to fill in, the first one is the Subject Blank (As ______) and the 2nd one is the Object Blank (______). The Subject blank is filled in with what we're identifying as, and the Object blank is filled in by what we're noticing.
  • This practice is itself an inspirational mash-up of the Voice Dialogue method, especially as its taught by Diane "Musho" Hamilton, and Kenneth Folk's Social Noting approach, specifically with the I Am Noting method. This is a uniquely Zen-Vipassana hybrid practice.

Zen Noting Practices:

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