Zen Noting

In Zen Noting we become one with what we want to notice as.

Basic Instructions: "As _______ there is..."

Note for Facilitators: Fill in the ______ by picking a 1-2 word expansive/beautiful/transpersonal state that you'd like to notice as. After saying, "there is" make 1-2 notes.

Examples: "As compassion there is seeing & opening", "As wisdom there is expansive freedom", "As loving awareness there is warmth"


This practice is itself an inspirational mash-up of Genpo Roshi's Big Mind method, especially as its taught by Diane "Musho" Hamilton, and Kenneth Folk's There is Noting. Having done both practices, I saw an opportunity to bridge them together into a new form, which I call "Zen Noting." Like the Just Noting, Just Sitting practice, this is a uniquely Zen-Vipassana hybrid practice. In Zen Noting we become one with what we want to notice as. – Vince Fakhoury Horn

Facilitation Notes

  • Though you could pick anything to fill in the ____ for Zen Noting, in the context of the Buddhist Geeks Network, we recommend picking something expansive and not contractive, joyful and not difficult, transpersonal and not egoic. Our reasoning for this is that contractive or difficult mind states bring up more emotional stress, and often overwhelm people, if they aren't properly resourced beforehand. We'd like to avoid triggering people unnecessarily, and instead focus on noticing as expansiveness. In this context, the skills involved in facilitating this process belong in the context of a fully trained teacher.

  • Feel free to encourage people to use double notes (As ___, there is X & Y), or triple notes (As ___, there is X, Y, & Z). Opening up the level of detail in the noting, can yield delightful results.

  • If you want to take the practice deeper, check out the Zen Release Noting sequence.