Pith Metta

Reduce down your well wishes to their essence, and share them when it's your turn, or as you feel moved.

Basic Instructions: Reduce your well wish down to a 1-2 word pith of the aspiration. When it's your turn, or as you feel moved, share the aspiration, or realization, of this pith phrase aloud.

Example: "Happy", "Open Heart", "Loving Awareness."

Developed by: Vince Fakhoury Horn

Facilitator Notes

  • The subject of the practice can be a single pith phrase (as in Spontaneous Thanks), a closed set of phrases, a pick your own phrase, or can be done in a freestyle mode, where any phrase is fair game (i.e. Freestyle Pith Metta). In the pick your own phrase mode, the facilitator invites each participant to pick a pith phrase, and then stick with it for the duration of the practice.

  • This practice is very similar to the social noting technique, except instead of "noting" what you're experiencing, in this practice you're either A) Aspiring (wishing for it to be so) or B) Realizing your aspiration. When the pith metta phrase is shared as a realization, of something you're experiencing in that very moment, it could be said that social metta and social noting have become one.