The Debrief Phase

The debrief phase of social meditation occurs after the practice period has ended.

There are a couple of different options for how one can facilitate the debrief phase. If you're a Beginning Facilitator then you're asked to use the Quick Debrief format below, in the last couple minutes of the session. If you're a Basic Facilitator (or above) then you have the option to extend the half-hour practice session with an optional extended debrief phase.

Quick Debrief

In the quick debrief everyone is invited to share, as they feel moved, what they noticed during the practice phase. This takes the form of "There was..." + a note or two. (Ex. "There was joy & tension." or "There was sleepiness" or "There was unity & love.")

This is the required debrief format for all Beginning Facilitators. Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced Facilitators alike, are all welcome to offer an extended debrief, in addition to the quick debrief.

Extended Debrief

After the quick debrief is over, the facilitator can offer an extended debrief, for all those participants that would like to stay on for another 10-15 minutes after the session is complete, to openly discuss how the practice went. It's important that this is framed as optional, so that if participants want to leave at the end of the half-hour, after doing a quick debrief, they can. For those that want to stay on, the basic question in the extended debreif is, "Is there anything that you'd like to share about how the practice went?"

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