Social Breath Counting

Collectively collecting attention on the breath.

Core Instructions:


Looping: 1 to 10

1 Word

Synced with the Out Breath: Taking Turns or Each Breath

2+ players

X minutes

Additional Notes:

  • Losing the Count - If you lose the count, or go past 10, the next person simply returns back to 1 and begins again.

  • Taking Turns - In this variation, each person counts one number, when it's their turn. At the bottom of the next out breath, the next person in the sequence, counts the next number in the collective count.

  • Counting Each Breath - In this variation, every time you reach the end of your next out breath, say the next number in the collective count, whatever it is. It's ok if your count syncs up with someone elses, just keep going if that happens.

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