Practice Frame

The frame of the practice is the structure that helps defines it.

Every social meditation practice can be described by its "Frame," the overall structure that helps define it. Think of the frame as the simplest representation of the linguistic instructions of the practice. When the frame is combined with the Facilitation Options, the Data Compression, Practice Order, Group Size, & Session Time you have a fully fleshed out description of the core instructions of the practice.

Fill in the Blank

Many of the social meditation practice frames include, one, or multiple blanks (______) that need to be filled in by facilitator of the practice. How one fills in the blank is depends on the amount of Compression being used, and also by the Options one selects.

Here are some example Practice frames:

  • Basic Noting : ______

  • There is Noting : There is ______

  • May it Arise: May ______ Arise

  • Zen Noting: As ______ , ______

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