Multidimensional Meditation

In a multidimensional meditation we explore a single aspect of experience from multiple directions, including as an inquiry question, an aspirational phrase, and a declaration of oneness.

Basic Instructions: When it's your turn you can choose to share any of the following:

  1. What is _______?

  2. I Am _______

  3. _______ (the Pith phrase)

Fill in the blank with a 1-2 word transpersonal quality, or state, that you're looking to explore.

Example: "What is Loving Awareness?", "May Loving Awareness Arise", "I Am Loving Awareness", "Loving Awareness."

Developed by: Vince Fakhoury Horn

Facilitation Notes

  • This practice seems to work best done in a sequential order, in smaller groups (of 3-4 people). That said, it's easy to follow this practice up, with Spontaneous Pith Metta, in which you're just working with the pith phrase, either in the small group, or coming back into a larger group if you're broken out into sub-groups.

  • It's very common, in this practice, for other ways of working with the subject of the meditation to arise. Though the instructions only explicitly state these 4 ways of working, it's important in this practice to follow the facilitation principle, "explain the instructions, don't enforce the rules." This gives space for spontaneous creative emergence.