May it Arise

In this social cultivation practice, one picks an experience, or set of experiences, and invites them to arise.

Core Instructions:


May ______ Arise


Pick One, Multiple Choice, Succession, Looping, Fixed Category, or Freestyle


1-2 Words


Sequential or Spontaneous ("May it Arise")


2+ players


X minutes


Emily Horn & Vince Fakhoury Horn

Additional Notes:

  • This practice is easiest to do in a sequential order, where participants take turns. If you do that, please remind people that it's useful to have a little space between phrases, to receive the aspiration. That said, this practice can also be done spontaneously, by inviting folks to simply say, "May It Arise." This usually works best after doing it sequentially for a while, so that the "It" is clear in awareness. It's also easy to parlay this practice into the Pith Metta practice, if you want to play with a different group size or find another way to introduce a spontaneous order.